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Q: What is the server IP?

A: cabanacraft.frontfacer.com

Q: How can I create an account on the server?

A: Once on the server, you will not be able to move. This is because you are not logged in.

First step: press the “/” key on the keyboard.

The second step: type "register" followed by a pause (press the "space" key on the keyboard) and then write the password you want to log in from now on. Ex: "/ register <your password>".

Then, to log in to the server from now on, type "/ login <your password>".

Q: What kind of name should I have on the server?

A: Your name must consist of a single word or otherwise, you will not be able to connect. For more details about your name, you can find a link to the official website here.

Q: Why can't I connect to the server?

A: There are several possibilities for this:

  • Check your name with which you entered the game and if it follows the standard rules.

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Be sure to use an accepted Minecraft version.

  • Using a VPN is unauthorized and may be the cause of the problem.

  • Try another username. The non-functional one can already be taken or be online on the server.

  • Make sure the IP is correct.

  • Delete and add the server again to the server list. Sometimes Minecraft may not recognize a specific sub-IP.

Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: You can contact a staff member on Discord or at server@cabanacraft.frontfacer.com to reset it. If you have a Discord account connected to the Minecraft server, the reset process will be very fast. If Discord is not associated with the Minecraft account on the server, some additional details will be required to prove that you own the account.

Q: May I become a part of the staff team?

A: Yes! To be part of the CabanaCraft team, see the dedicated page.


Q: How do I get back to HUB?

A: Use the "/ hub" command followed by the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

Q: How do I access other game modes (survival, creative, etc...)?

A: As you enter the server, you will see several sections, two of which are main: Survival & Creative. Go to the chosen section and enter one of the statues that has the desired game category above it.

Ex: Want to go in Classic Survival? See where it says "Survival" and head to the statue that has "Classic Survival" written above it, then literally enter the statue.

Q: Is it possible to make mob farms?

A: Yes, but it is not recommended if you do not have the entities in the Claim area (Don't know how to create a new claim? Click here!). The server is configured to delete entities such as mobs or items that are thrown out of the inventory, on the ground (items that are not kept in inventory, chest, ender chest, shulker box or any other type of storage of items in the game + claim ). You can expect them to disappear faster than in a normal world or, if there are too many mobs in one chunk, they will most likely be deleted automatically.

Q: How do I link my Discord account to the one made on the Minecraft server?

A: Use the "/discord link" command. After entering this command, you will receive a code in the chat. Copy that code and then send it in a private message to our Discord bot, "CabanaCraft - Server Link."

Done! Now your account is linked.


Q: How can I calim land?

A: To protect a new area (applies in any world of Survival and/or Creative) you must use the "/claim" command.

A square around you will be highlighted, showing you the area that now belongs to you.

Q: How many claim blocks do I have?

A: For starters you will have a number of 300 bocks available to protect the area. As you play, you will receive 20 new blocks every hour you are online on the server. The maximum number of blocks you can reach is 4096 in all the worlds gathered.

Q: How can I extend my claim?

A: You will need a golden shovel. When you got it, you will have to right click on a desired point, and then right click on the opposite end of the area you want to extend. Your area will always be a square, so try to imagine two corners of it, those are the points where you will use the shovel.

Q: How do I abandon a claimed zone and/or all of them at once?

A: Stay inside the area you want to abandon, then use the "/abandonclaim" command.

To abandon all protected areas, use the "/abandonallclaims" command.

Q: How can I see the owners of other claimed zones and the space they take?

A: You need a stick. While holding it in your hand, you can right-click on the ground. Seconds after that, in the chat you will see whether or not that area is owned by someone. If it is, you will also see the name of the owner along with the size of the claim.

Q: How do I give to others the permission to build on my claimed zone?

A: Use the "/trust" command followed by the name of the person you want to access.

Ex: "/trust Steve"

Q: How can I check to how many people I've given access to my claimed zone?

A: Use the command "/trustlist". You will see exactly who has access to your area, as well as the given permissions.


Q: Will I be in a disadvantage without any ranks compared to those who do have?

A: Not. Rankings are strictly aesthetic. However, even if they don't give you an advantage over other players, they make your gaming experience more enjoyable through the private facilities they offer you.

Q: What happens to my world/s if I give up the payed rank?

A: Relax. Your world will not be deleted. It will be archived and kept until you want to return to the VIP/VIP+ Rank to access it. There is, however, a small fee that can be found in the Terms & Conditions of this site.

Q: If I want to create another account on the server, can I transfer any existing rank (or progress) from the old account to the new one?

A: Ranks cannot be transferred from one account to another for security reasons. However, the password, with the support from the staff, can be reset.

Q: I have a Power Rank. Where can I see the world teleportation commands?

A: You can find them by clicking here.

Q: Where do my money go?

A: By purchasing a Rank, you contribute to the constant support and development of our server, but also to the improvement of the services we offer such as: Support on Discord, Hosting of private or public events and more. When you receive certain additional benefits such as private worlds, custom commands, or inter-world teleportation, you use additional resources from the server. For this reason, part of the revenue will go to the server upgrade, so that you can have a clean gaming experience.


Q: Am I allowed to use cheats on the Server?

A: Theoretically not. Basically, only to a certain level. Our policy states that anything that passes the anti-cheat system or is not reported by another player as annoying or abusive, can be used. You will receive BAN directly from an Admin only in very serious cases. So, if you manage to fool the system, you should ok.

Q: Are there any errors in the Anti-Cheat system?

A: Our anti-cheat is not perfect. Sometimes it can make mistakes for which the CabanaCraft team apologizes and is always willing to help you here.

List of errors reported by other players:

  • PING SPOOF (may occur when your internet connection is weak, and as a result you can be automatically removed from the server).

  • BOAT FLY (may occur when the boat is not used on the water, and as a result you may be removed from the boat).

  • CLIMB (may occur when you use a ladder, and as a result you get stuck on it).

  • FLY (may occur when you are stuck in the air due to poor internet connection, and as a result you can be removed from the server).

Q: Will I get banned due to the use of cheats?

A: Not. CabanaCraft is a cloud-based server. Because there are no minigames like PvP, the CabanaCraft team is very flexible when it comes to using cheats. So even if you receive BAN (automatically or from an admin), you can expect it to be taken out very soon.

P.S.: There may be VERY SERIOUS exceptions when the BAN for using a cheat is PERMANENT, such as making the server difficult or destroying the source code. In this case, please contact the CabanaCraft staff directly to access the server again.


You can reach out for support on Discord!